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Momentum & the repudiated claim.

Commentary by Anton Muller

Momentum has had a rough patch.
They were 100% right to repudiate the claim (Denise Ganas).

In the event of material non-disclosure - whenever it...

New legislation around Medical Aid

Commentary by Anton Muller

Take off the Rose-coloured glasses

Anton Muller - Attached an article by Dave Foord of Foord Asset Management on why return...

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!

Financial Planning

What is ‘Financial Planning’?

From our perspective, it has become a generalised term that has grown dull with misuse. Financial Planning is not, and should not be, a term for salesmen trying to find an angle to make a sale.

At Antler Financial Services, we define it as an evolutionary process - The art of partnering a client to fulfillment of their Financial Services needs through integrity, strategy and flexibility.

The Antler Perpetual Satisfaction cycleLife is never straight forward and being always available as a financial guide sets us apart. Every person/business has different needs, different priorities and different expectations.

You could therefore say that we only focus on ONE product - The best financial security possible within the context of you, for right now, for the future - FOR LIFE.

The Antler Perpetual Satisfaction Cycle:

  1. Clarify the relationship
  2. Understand client circumstances
  3. Analyse client objectives
  4. Identify and agree appropriate solutions
  5. Implement
  6. Contact
  7. Regular and Ongoing Review

Loyalty is achieved through providing service that warrants it.